I thank you very cleanly use the room. If you are satisfied with my room, I hope to be posting a review of the 5 star rating on Airbnb. Of course, I will do you the same evaluation.


このゲストはとても礼儀正しい人たちです。お部屋もきれいに使ってくれ、また部 屋をでるときもよい状態のままでした。彼らはゲストとしてすごくおすすめです!
The guests were very polite. They stay very cleanly, and left the place in great condition. I highly recommend them as guests!


日本での休暇は楽しめましたか? あなたの宿泊についてレビューを書きました。あなたもレビューを書いてくれると、とても嬉しいです。また会いましょう!
Did you enjoy holiday in Japan? I wrote a review for your accommodation. If you write it too, I’m so glad. Twill see you again!


Thank you for your wonderful review! I was very happy. I wish you all the best.

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