リスティングに書く内容は自由ですが、アクセスや部屋の設備、 ハウスルールについての情報が中心になるでしょう。ここでは、 リスティングを書くときに使えるテンプレートを紹介します。



You can enjoy cooking. There is a kitchen with cookware, seasoning, etc.


Take the elevator to the 10th floor.


There is a comfortable double bed and a single sofa bed, you can stay up to 3 people. It is a very useful room for travel with a friend.


◆部屋の中では、ポータブルWi-Fiが利用できます。滞在中は、外出中も利用可能 です。
In the room, portable Wi-Fi is available. You can even use it outside during your stay at my room.


There is not bathtub in the room, but there is a shower.


It is luxury apartment, and furniture are all aligned with the luxury furniture made in Japan.

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